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Air Conditioning Units

    Welcome to JMB Air Conditioning – the installation and servicing specialists.

    With years of experience, we offer a complete best aircon servicing singapore and maintenance service – starting with an initial consultation to discuss your individual needs and recommendation of appropriate air conditioning units. We’ll carefully consider your requirements so you get the right air conditioning units for your home or business.

    From midwall split, cassette or hideaway systems, we’ll provide clear and concise information on the pros and cons of each type of air conditioning installation, and with access to all the major brands of Aircon Chemical Wash such as Samsung, Panasonic, Hisense, LG, AUX etc, we can meet your demands and your budget exactly. Large or small, we have the expertise to offer superior air conditioning installation whatever the property or location.

    If you’ve considered air conditioning installation in the past but were worried about energy usage, now’s the time to look again. Modern air conditioning units are far more energy efficient than ones from even a few years ago, and if you currently have older air conditioning units you might want to look at updating them to benefit from the substantial savings you’ll make over time. The heating function of modern air conditioning units is also the most cost effective way of heating rooms up in the cold winter months.

Air Conditioning Installation

    We’re confident you won’t find better air conditioning installation than at JMB, our professional attitude means we insist on meeting our own very high standards on each air conditioning maintenance or installation call we get. We’re fast, reliable and clean and we’ll always make sure you’re happy with the result. Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential to keep your cooling units operating effectively and cooling sufficiently, and all servicing or repair is done on site by one of our experienced technicians.

    Whether you’re looking for air conditioning installation for personal comfort or professional premises, air conditioning units can have a demonstrable effect on the well-being and productivity of personnel. It’s easier to concentrate and relax when you’re not stressed about heat, and we can provide suitable air conditioning units for all areas of the home or office.

    For the very best air conditioning installation and air conditioning maintenance, call today and talk to one of our team, we’ll be happy to offer help and advice about your new or existing air conditioning units.

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